Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

Virtual Baby Shower Ideas

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Though you are social distancing, you still want to have a little fun with friends and family. Additionally, no one wants to miss out on all the gifting opportunities

A virtual baby shower will not replace an actual baby shower but we can get creative. Below are suggestions on how to organize a well put together baby shower:

Digital Invitations and Thank You Cards! - Digital invitations are an easy way to send your guest the details of your virtual baby shower. Some websites to help you with this are: (Evite, Greenvelope and Paperless Post). Additionally, after the gifts are open and the party is over, send thank you cards (email or snail mail). This adds a nice touch to a great virtual baby shower and shows appreciation to your host and everyone that was in attendance.

Baby Shower Registry – Don’t forget to share this with everyone some excellent registries for your baby shower are: Target, Walmart, Amazon, Buy Buy Baby and to name a few. Keep in mind that when you use these places for your registry you will normally receive between a 10-15% discount on the remaining items.

A Good Host – Choose someone that you can trust, someone that is organized and will get the job done RIGHT. This is very important in organizing any event let alone a baby shower. 

Put a little time in and effort into the decor. For example, have a table in the background with table cover, diaper cake, balloons, welcome baby banner, food and gifts (to open later).

Dressing for the Occasion –It’s your baby shower. If it weren’t virtual you would be dressed up looking your best, right? Why not do that during your virtual baby shower as well. Head over to ShopMom2B and our View Available Gowns to rent your dress to have for this special occasion.

Music – If you can pull off a DJ for your baby shower that would be epic, but this is not necessary. A quality Bluetooth speaker and some good tunes will do the trick. But don’t blast the music. Turn the volume low and have it more as background music.

Game Ideas – Though your baby shower is virtual, there’s still some great games that everyone can enjoy. Here are a few to get the party started:

The Price Is Right:

  • Hold up a series of four to five baby items (bottle, bodysuit, box of diapers, can of formula, etc.) to the camera and have everyone write down their guess of the total price for all items added together.
  • Then, have all the guests show their guesses to the camera. The closest guess to the actual total cost of the items wins!

How Well Do You Know Mom? This game is a real test for all the baby shower attendees! Put together a list of fun questions for friends and family to answer about the expecting mom, especially pregnancy related questions such as “what’s her favorite pregnancy food?” and “When is her due date?”. No matter how many questions you do or don’t know the answer to, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two about the expecting mom!

Emoji Baby Pictionary: This is a super fun game for those who are in tuned with emoji’s. Participants will have to guess the baby related words or phrases by solely looking at emoji’s

Two Truths and a Baby Lie

  • This simple word game can be played via email, text chat, or on a live video.
  • Ask each guest to come up with two truths and one lie about themselves as babies.
  • Take turns sharing and guessing which statement is the lie.
  • Anyone who guesses the lie correctly gets a point.
  • Anyone who stumps everyone else with their lie gets a point.
  • The person with the most points at the end is the winner.

Video Chat Services – Here is where you have a lot of options to stream your virtual baby showers. As long as you and your guest have a solid internet connection to keep the party going any option will work;

Zoom – Zoom has recently picked up a lot of steam during COVID, this is the most popular option. Zoom allows up to 100 guest and it‘s free for up to 40 minutes and then you have the option to pay for additional time.

Skype -  A free service that allows up to 50 connected devices, similar to Zoom but only difference here is Skype is not password protected.

FaceTime – Free for Apple users, this could be a great option if all of your guests who are IOS/Mac users.

Facebook Messenger – Everyone has a Facebook nowadays this could be an option if your party is small. Facebook Messenger Video only allows up to 4 connected devices.

Google Hangouts – Similar to Apple, works only if you and guest have Gmail accounts.  And Google Hangouts allows up to 10 devices

For a One-Stop Shop check out

  • This site is strictly for virtual baby showers
  • Unlimited Invitations
  • Virtual Guestbook
  • Design your virtual baby shower background(colors, fonts, etc)
  • Ability to update your customized page/site and your notifications will go to everyone scheduled to attend your baby shower.

You now have the tools to throw a wonderful virtual baby shower. It’s your day, have fun!

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