How to Comfortably and Safely Exercise During Your Pregnancy

How to Comfortably and Safely Exercise During Your Pregnancy

Not being able to go to the gym and exercise is punishment in itself. But wanting to stay fit and active during your pregnancy in the midst of COVID is quite the task. So, you’re at home with little to no equipment, what’s next?

According to Kirstin Lee, “The good news is that most healthy women having a normal pregnancy can continue to be physically active even during this pandemic.”

Here are some best practices to consider before working out:

  • Consult with your doctor
  • Exercise with safety and caution (practice social distancing, drink lots of water, wear sports bra and belly support belt)
  • Take it slow and set reachable goals
  • Know when to stop (if you start to feel dizzy, headache, chest pain, etc.)

The types of workouts covered is cardio and strength training exercises.

Cardio can be a great stress reliever, in addition to burning excess calories from cravings, reduces back pain, improves mood and calms your sympathetic nervous system. Your intensity levels will vary so please consult with your doctor.

Forms of cardio during your pregnancy should be:

  • Walking (in your home or neighborhood)
  • Stair Climbing
  • Running/Jogging (up until you’re about 5 months)
  • Treadmill

*A pedometer is also recommended to keep track of your steps and overall progress.

Strength training, who says you can’t build muscle while you’re pregnant. In addition, strength training can build your stamina and endurance during your pregnancy as well as fighting off any additional weight gain. As far strength training if you have light neoprene dumbbells (2 – 12 lbs.) or resistance bands, either of these will work.

Here are some great strength training exercises

  • Squat and Press (Legs and Shoulder)
  • Bent-Over Row (Back)
  • Single arm Row (Back)
  • Bicep Curl
  • Curl and Press (Bicep and Shoulder)
  • Forward and/or Lateral Raises (Shoulder)
  • Tricep Kickbacks
  • Diamond or inner pushups on knees (Chest and Triceps)
  • Donkey Kickbacks on your knees (do firm and shape your butt)

Now if you are busy like most, your time maybe limited. A great suggestion for quick and effective workout is to do it in a circuit a.k.a circuit training. This way you can get a great workout in a small amount of time, along with building endurance. Example: Do one full set of stair climbs, then immediately transition into a squat and press (6-12 reps), next bicep curl (10-20 reps), lateral raises (10-15 reps), bent over rows (10-15 reps) then finish with tricep kickbacks (15 reps each arm). That is one full circuit.  You can switch up the various exercises within your circuit. With a good pace you can do 3 full circuits in under 15-20 minutes for a great workout.  

This is a good way to keep your body in shape during pregnancy and a head start of getting your summer bod.

To help get you started please take a look at the links below. Have a great workout!